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Simon Riopel An executive Vice President with the right arm tattooed, it’s not everywhere that you see this! It is the Verreault team, unique people who complement each other with a common goal - the success of the company.

Simon Riopel

Executive Vice President

I joined the team of Groupe Maritime Verreault inc. in 2014, when the organization began the first phase of its expansion project. What a great challenge for a young manager willing to settle in the region and want to make his way into a well-established company! Two years later, the challenges remain numerous and my work is still stimulating. I am optimistic about my future in the beautiful Gaspésie region within Groupe Maritime Verreault inc.

Jean-Martin Harvey

Naval architecture technician

I began my career as a technician at Verreault Navigation 3 years ago. Communication is important to me and at Verreault it's easy. Communication between the unionized workers, the staffs and the directors is simple. Everyone is able to talk to each other, but also to listen as well. We talk about pride in work, but it goes beyond that, people are dedicated, working as a team, helping each other and are resourceful and self-sufficient. Problems are more challenges here. The working atmosphere is good and is improving day by day. We grow together. I like to have feedback and reassurance and we have it here. The enlarged dry dock gives stability of employment. It is encouraging to see a dry dock full. The training of employees is important and it works well and the teams are much more autonomous. We even develop a close relationship with our subcontractors at Verreault.

Jean-Martin Harvey Verreault is a company that has a wonderful project that fulfills its function, filling gaps and strengthening communities.