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Work Conditions

At Verreault Navigation, we wish to recruit and retain the most talented candidates. We focus our efforts to offer work conditions exceeding industry standards, and this, due to an almost unanimously adopted collective agreement and an updated salary structure.

Training and Skills Development

No matter the job position, training and skills development both play an important part in the professional progress of our employees. We seek to reinforce everyone’s versatility, but we also encourage one and all in finding their proper niche within the company. This is why several of our employees excel in more than one area, according to their own interests.

Career Advancement

Verreault Navigation is constantly evolving; a concept we also apply to human resources. Many of our employees have been promoted in the past, and many others will be in the course of their career. Since we operate specific activities, it is in our mutual best interest to prioritize the progress of the internal staff instead of external recruitment when filling positions requiring an expertise related to our field of activities.

Respect and Safety

We strongly value the respect and safety of our employees. Even if most employees converse with each other in a familiar and casual way, respect always prevails. And when the day is done, it is imperative that everyone returns home safe and sound.

Social Activities

All-year long, we organize social activities for employees and their families. These activities are an opportunity for employees to forge relationships with colleagues and to discover the region’s multiple attractions.

Group Insurance and Pension Plan

Depending on their status and job position, eligible employees are offered a participation in the group insurance and pension plan, both being 50% covered by the employer.

Work Environment

They say Verreault Navigation is a serious and professional business. Yes, but still, we maintain jovial and friendly relationships between employees and between departments. Goodbye suit and tie! Hello casual office worker. We encourage the expression of a professional image that fits your own personality.